Kiwi Clear Kayaks - CLEARLY DIFFERENT®


Kayak / Canoe Hybrids  

The ATLANTIS - Single

Sit - On - Top Kayaks
The CALYPSO - Tandem

Whether your excursions take you to Fiji or your backyard pond, Kiwi Clear Kayaks will afford you a new dimension in exploration: the ability to see what's beneath the water's surface while you paddle. In a world of sameness, Kiwi Kayaks are Clearly Different® and truly remarkable. We are customer focused, and we are here to enhance the adventuresome quality of your limited free time.

If you seek radical whitewater death defying gear - it isn't here. If you want to embark on extended ocean touring - go elsewhere. If you want an inexpensive, poorly made kayak - you won't find any. But, if you enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate quality and attention to detail, you are in the right place for all of your recreational paddling needs.  All Kiwi Clear kayaks provide crystal clear views of the underwater world, innovative modular design, and unparalleled beauty.
  All Kiwi Clear Kayaks come standard with crystal clear windows to the wondrous
  underwater world you paddle on.