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  1. Do scratches on the hulls affect visibility?

  2. How impact resistant is the clear hull material?

  3. How well do Kiwi Clear Kayaks track?

  4. How stable are the kayaks?

  5. Is the Caribe or Atlantis good for long distance kayaking?

  6. Does Kiwi ship internationally?

  7. Does Kiwi make other types of Kayaks?

  8. What is your company's warranty policy?

  9. Do Kiwi Clear Kayaks require special care?

  10. Is Kiwi looking for new dealers?

  11. Is Kiwi looking for Sales Reps?

  12. Are Kiwi Clear Kayaks suitable for the rental market?

  13. What are the lead times on Kiwi products?

  14. How much are shipping costs?

Do Scratches on the hulls...?

Scratch resistance isn't really the issue with the outer hull...the moment the product is introduced into the water the water fills in the scratches.  The interior of the Caribe and Atlantis should be protected from rocks and sand in ones' shoes upon entering and exiting the kayak.  Should the nature of the scratches degrade the view ability through the cockpit, it can be removed and replaced with a new one. Additionally, all Kiwi sit-on-top kayaks were designed to allow for replacement of the clear hull after years of wear.  The cost of a new hull is a fraction of the expense of the original purchase price.   Lastly, with over 1600 Caribe's in service, we have had very few requests for replacement hulls, which attests to the durability of our kayaks.

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How Impact resistant...?

Our hulls are made of polyethylene plastic which is extremely durable and impact resistant. The clear inserts are made from polycarbonate, the same material used on fighter jets. Other usage of the material includes submarine view ports and automobile headlights.

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How well do Kiwi Clear...?

All kayaks track relative to their length in combination with the skill of the paddler.  The Caribe has a remarkable tracking ability based on hull shape alone and tracks as good if not better than any sit-on-top on the market under 14 feet. The Atlantis, however, is a short kayak and does not track as well as the Caribe...we simply cannot defy physics.

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How stable are the kayaks?

Super stable!  In fact, most adults with average balance are able to stand up in the Caribe and Atlantis. While this is not a recommendation for any boat, it is simply that stable.

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Is the Caribe or Atlantis good for long distance kayaking?

Kiwi Kayaks were designed for causal, resort and recreational usage.  Long distance paddling requires proper equipment in the form of a kayak designed for such treks.  We simply do not manufacture kayaks for extensive touring.

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Does Kiwi ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to practically any region of the globe.

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Does Kiwi make any other types of Kayaks?

Yes, we make many different models of kayaks. Please visit our sister-site at

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What is your company's warranty policy?

Please click the link to find our company's warranty policy. Warranty Information

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Do Kiwi Clear Kayaks require special care?

The Caribe and Atlantis do require some extra care, however, the extra effort will be rewarded by years of crystal clear views of the wondrous underwater world.  A few maintenance tips:  

  1. After paddling in salt water wash with mild solution of soap or lukewarm water.

  2. Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wash and rinse well with water.

  3. To prevent water spotting, thoroughly dry with chamois or cellulose sponge.

  4. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, squeegees and/or other cleaning implements that may mar the coating.

  5. When entering, your boat take extra care to rinse your feet to remove sand and gravel so as not to scuff the interior of the hull.

  6. To extend the life of your kayak store it indoors or keep it covered. If it is stored outside, keep the kayak upside down to prevent water from collecting within the cockpit.  Also, the bottom has an additional coating of UV that will help deter damage caused by the sun.

  7. Cover your boat with a tarp or a specially designed kayak cover. This will ensure your boating pleasure for many years to come.

  8. If you apply sunscreen do it before entering the boat. Petroleum products will attack the integrity of the clear polycarbonate material. If contact with a petroleum based product is made follow the steps in section 1 above.

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Is Kiwi looking for dealers?

Yes, in certain non covered areas. Please follow the link to the dealer form section, >>Dealers

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Is Kiwi looking for Sales Reps?

Yes, we do have sales areas in which we are looking for representation. Please contact us to see if your area is available.

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Are Kiwi Clear Kayaks suitable for the rental market?

Yes, our kayaks have been designed with the tourism & leisure markets in mind.

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What are the lead times on Kiwi Kayak products?

On average, we ship within four weeks depending on inventory.

Standard official lead times are four to six weeks.

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How much are shipping costs?

A number of items play a factor in shipping costs. Volume, fuel surcharges etc. We will make every effort to obtain competitive freight rates for our customers.

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